Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christian Persecution in Mainstream Media

This is a paragraph from S.E Cupp's new book, "Losing Our Religion, The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity." Note that S.E Cupp is an atheist herself. I appreciate her open-mindedness, observation, and condemnation of the blatently obvious unfair treatment of Christians in the media.

Yes, people in the mainstream media have become a bunch of schoolyard bullies, taunting America's Christians for sport. But make no mistake, they are also trying to marginalize Christianity. The liberalism that pervades the maintream press requires them to-because the fixed and demanding morality of Judeo- Christian values means their moral relativism, where just about anything goes, is in jeopardy. To ensure they will not be judged by their decision or their behavior- by God, by the faithful, by their next door neighbors-and that their lives will continue to be consequence free, the liberal idealogues in the mainstream media want to convince you that Christian morality is out. It's stupid, it's weird, it's backward, it's even a little funny. Instead they will peddle another kind of judgement, one predicated on intellectual superiority, elitist classism, and a philosophy of meaningless causes du jour- environmentalism being the most obvious. By disguising these sanctimonious decisions to buy organic baby food or drive a hybrid car as a moral code, they think they have set up equal system of comparison. And theirs, they assure you, is better than yours. It's not merely Christianity that is under siege- it is American values themselves.

This is so true. Atheists that I have talked to will always say something like, "I cannot intellectually/logically wrap my head around there being a God, a Creator. I believe we might just be "cosmic accidents." Well you know what? I cannot intellectually/logically wrap my head around their not being a God. I'm sorry but science points to creation. There are many things that I could talk about, and if you want to talk about them, call me. There is a DVD out entitled "Case for Creation" and their is also a book entitled "Darwin's Black Box." Christianity is not a blind faith. My genetics has made me a person that likes science and math more than the arts. I have always been interested in science. I used to believe all the science that my teachers spewed out in class, especially about evolution. I used to believe in it. But you know what? I'm an adult now. It was time for me to figure out whether or not all of the things that I was taught was real. Guess what? The books were/are wrong. And the editors are not trying to change the books and are sticking to junk outdated science. There is a substantial list of scientists who dissent from Darwin's Theory of Evolution. And where there is dissent, I believe there is cause to be suspicious. Just like is there really global warming? The scientists do not have a concensus on that issue either. I do not believe in global warming, global cooling, global climate change, whatever they call it now. Like S.E says, those are just "causes" that garbage people cling to so as to cover up their moral relativism, aka their anything goes morality.

Open your eyes to the marginalization of Christianity. Have you ever recently said things like, "I don't agree with organized religion." That is so liberal media induced fake tolerance! The very people that are pushing words like "progress" and "tolerance" are the ones that are feeding the Christians to the lions. Christians are still the majority in America as of today, about 80%. But trust me, the near future looks bleak for Christians in America. Maybe I am just paranoid. Just be on the lookout.

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