Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to the World of Blogging

Tanya T, I took your advice and started a blog. I know everyone is tired of me ranting and raving like a crazy person on Facebook. I have been screaming to everyone about anything from Christianity, blasphemy, Islam, atheism, evolution, socialism, communism, Obama, Obama zombies, Fox News, Glenn Beck, CrossFit, and today Chuck Norris. Every now and then I will post a cute picture up of myself, Eliana, my husband Eli, and our fierce ass dog Chase.

A lot of things in this world have began to bug the crap out of me lately. I guess it comes with age. It is not that I am becoming more angry and bitter with age, "prudish" some may say... I think with age comes wisdom, if you so choose to seek it. On my FB page I say the title of my autobiography would be "Liberal to Conservative, Darkness into Light, Error into Truth, by Breaking the Perfect Ten" In case some of you couldn't figure out what this means, it means I was a screaming libtard but now the sense has been knocked into me, and I had to learn the hard way.

Yes, I am Christian now. I've only been a Christian for the past year and a half, but I have believed in a Creator all of my life. My biggest pet peeve in the world right now is how Christianity has been given such a bad name in the media and by people who don't even know what the Bible is truly about. People want to pontificate and talk about the Bible like they "know" what the Gospel message is, but they prove to me over and over that they are ignorant and prideful people who just don't get it and don't care to get it. I hope to have plety of time to write about the things that I learn about on a daily basis. Christian persecution is not cool. Christians in America are slowing feeling it, but Christians around the world are dying for it. I haven't watched TV or listened to hip hop and rnb for the past 7months. Not because my church said not too either. The world is dirty. I am proud to say that I have discovered that. I hate that things that were once considered bad are now considered good (such as divorce and abortion), and what was once considered good is now considered bad (like marriage and faith). It is the sign of the times according to the Bible.

I am not trying to convert anybody. That is so lame. I just want to challenge people to investigate for themselves what is really going on. There is more than meets the eye, I know that is cliche. Ask yourself, why am I Catholic? Why do I practice Islam? Why am I atheist? Have I done enough research to state a claim? Am I making a premature judgement? Why do men have a million sperm and why do women have a limited amount of eggs? Why do I do what I do? Why do I do the things I shouldn't do and don't do the things I should do?

Thanks for being an audience you late night Facebook zombies. Read mine and I'll read yours.

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  1. Hey Girl! Tanya T. here and I'm happy to have been a catalyst for your blog. I loved it. Writing is my soul and I'm glad you've found an outlet. Developing my blog for launch on the 13th. You're right, men have all that and we get one a month!? Funny stuff. Happy writing to you! Love ya!