Sunday, May 9, 2010

Having Bad Days

I had a pretty bad day today, the day before mother's day. But I gotta say, good thing I have a different perspective of what a bad day could really be like. So today, i'm disappointed by my own mother (again) due to her stupid gambling problem, I couldn't find my car keys before I had to go to work. And then when I was late for work because I had to find a last minute babysitter, I find out that my manager picked me to be a food runner even though I wasn't scheduled to be one. Oh my life! But anyway...

After coming home from an annoying day at work, I sat around and cringed some more. So I smoked a cigarette that I wasn't supposed to smoke and gathered my thoughts. I came to the same conclusion that I have been coming up with my whole life, it can't be that bad! I look inside my house and I'm like damn, what the heck am I crying about?...

Ok so all that stuff above was like last Saturday and i'm not having a bad day anymore, today Thursday 5/13. But I can still talk about how life cannot be that bad for anyone who is living here in America. All of our problems here are not as bad as the problems that people in other countries have. But you say, "oh I lost my Louis Vuitton, oh my iphone busted, oh I don't have a job, oh my life sucks because I can't take a vacation." Geez people, don't you see that we are all spoiled here and we are squandering the blessings that God is giving us? Yes God is the one who is giving, because we ARE living in a Christian nation, (contrary to Obama saying we are not a Christian nation when he was in Egypt.) Yes, I still get frustrated at times because of random things, but it doesn't compare to what people in other countries are frustrated about.

I look into my refrigerator and I see bottled water, juice, soda, cheese, butter, bread, deli meat, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, corn dogs, shrimp, pork, fish, and even alaskan king crab legs. Dude, all that food could feed a family in an underdeveloped third world country for about a year! Not to mention I have a roof over my head, a car, a job, and freedom of speech and religion. I want people to open their damn eyes. Turn off the damn reality t.v and garbage radio and look at the world outside of their safe haven which is this great country the USA. Everyone is a spoiled brat here in the US. Some people are spoiled and they are not even proud to be American. They raise a Mexican flag or whatever country's flag above the US flag, or reprimand kids for wearing a US flag on Cinco de Mayo. If you are not proud to be American then you need to relinquish all the benefits of being an American. I challenge you to study other countries and the plight of people in other countries outside of the US. If you want to be a Muslim sympathizer I challenge you to live in an Arab country under Sharia Law. I challenge you to study a country like Israel, learn its history, and learn about the war they are in.

We are all too comfortable here in the US. We cry about the most absurd things and circumstances. We take everything for granted. We have become ungreatful to the blessings that our creator has endowed us with. It will all have an end you know. You probably see it in the news. People are losing their jobs and their former economic status. God giveth and he taketh away. He does this to see if we will fall on our knees and ask for forgiveness. Crazy because some people do and some people don't. We have some rough roads ahead, but always be thankful that you are here in the USA. I doubt anyone would last a day in another person's shoes who lives as nearby as Mexico. Wake up people. God doesn't care if you are a nurse, who owns a beamer, and lives in The Woods. All He cares about is whether you cried out to Him and acknowledged him when you had a bad day.

"I look into my refrigerator and I see bottled water, juice, soda, cheese, butter, bread, deli meat, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, corn dogs, shrimp, pork, fish, and even alaskan king crab legs. Dude, all that food could feed a family in an underdeveloped third world country for about a year!"


  1. I couldn't agree more. We as Americans are too busy loving ourselves. We love ourselves so much, we neglect everyone else's struggles and problems, push them aside and cry about how bad we have it. We blame Israel for causing conflict with Muslim nations, even though they are on the front line every single day fighting terror. We are quick to forget who our friends are, just for the sake of winning over the majority, just for the sake of being comfortable. You cannot have peace without justice, AND YOU CANNOT HAVE JUSTICE WITHOUT CONFLICT!!! That's why we tell people we love when we are mad and why we are mad. so that we can resolve the conflict and have justice served. Only then will there be peace in any relationship. If you are in a relationship long enough there will be conflict, it's healthy. You CANNOT pretend there is peace, while knowing that your enemy is still your enemy and wants you dead. I'm tired of this country and our president pretending that he doesn't know what is in the Koran and why our enemies want to kill us. MUSLIMS DO NOT WORSHIP THE SAME GOD WE DO!!! Our God is Jehova NOT aLLAH, THE MOON GOD! They are NOT the same OBAMA! Why is it we are so accepting of the nations/religions who want us dead and want to kill our way of life? I'm tired of playing the victim, and pretending that I haven't done my fair share of bitching and complaining, being passive, etc. I am done standing on the sidelines pretending to not be part of the problem. Oh and by the way, just because you give military guys a pat on the back every once in a while, doesn't mean you are a patriot. We need to all wake up, and get to the root of the problem. We as a nation need a change of heart and direction. Be grateful for what you have and be willing to fight for righteousness, let's not sacrifice just for a false peace. Let's resolve the conflict and bind our enemies' hands.

  2. We were a Christian nation and recieved many blessings from God and many are still left over such as what is in the fridge etc...but maybe Obama is right...I agree and think that the USA is not a Christian nation. It is so secular, even the church goers are living secular lives. The USA has forgotten God and so we have lost His hand of blessings and we are now suffering the consequences with terror, economic downfall and more. We abort so many babies every day!! We allow and celebrate perversity and there is no true justice in our court systems!! We are PC minded pacifists where everyone is a victim and needs to have sesntivity given to them. Uuugh!

    America is no longer Christian...its sad. The few Christians who are left are going to suffer more and more persecution each day just think its bad now...just wait..The end is near.

  3. Good Point. We need all the real Christians to start coming out of the wood work. I mean there has to be someone other than Jay Sekulow out there voicing Christian Concerns. What are we suppose to do, go into hiding? I'm charged with being provider, protector, and priest of my home. At this rate there will come a day when I will have to put myself in harms way to do that because it's only a matter of time before things get violent. It breaks my heart that it isn't even safe for us to let our kids play outside without our direct supervision anymore. We have more terrorists within our country than anywhere else. They are called liberals, blinded by their own selfishness, they hide their murderous intentions behind good deeds while they silently murder Christians in their sleep. And they cannot be trusted with our children's education, let alone the responsibility of making decisions for our country. The fall of every great nation has always resulted from the battles lost from within. But you are right, the sins of our nation as a whole, have separated the USA from God.